The lemon is a tree that reaches from 3 to 6 meters in height. The buds and the petals are white and violet. The fruit is yellow on the outside and spherical up to oval. Lemons are foods rich in vitamin C. The peel can be very rough to smooth, more or less lined inside with a spongy white mass called albedo. The lemon blooms and bears fruit twice a year. The flowering lasts at least two months and the ripe fruit can wait another two months on the tree before being picked, which favors a systematic harvest. Spring flowering produces the best fruits, harvesting then lasts all winter, from November to April or May. The second flowering, sometimes forced on commercial plantations, takes place in August and September, the fruits can be harvested from May onwards, just after the winter ones. Under favorable conditions, an adult tree can give 600 to 800 fruits a year. Water and lemon is a drink that has become in recent years a healthy habit for many people to take in the morning.