Our apricot production goes from May to June,available in many varieties.A fruit that,for the quality treated,is deferred by color,sweetness and size.

It looks like a small tree,but in the wild,it can also reach the height of about ten metres.At cultivations,the plant is cut and kept under 3,5 m to make the harvesting easier.The tree has a crown like an umbrella and thin,little,twisted branches.The leaves are elliptic with sharp points and a serrated edge.The average width of the fruit is 7-8 cm but varies from one cultiver to another.The flowers are individual but bloom in small groups that are located at the attachment of the leaves.They have 5 sepals and petals,many erect stamens and vary from pure white to a light pinkish color.The flowers are very similar to cherry,plum and peach tree.The plant does not require manual pollination,it is usually pollinated by insects.The fruit has a woody seed insideOnly some varieties have self-sterility and often a single tree regularly fructifies.

The fruit has 28 calories per 100g of weight.

The Rubista cultivation has early maturation with medium-vigorous and self-fertile tree,producing well on mixed branches.The fruit is of good size,elliptical shape,the color is generally bright red on the entire surface,with a good sweet and aromatic taste.The pulp is juicy,orange and firm.

The harvest period is on June.