For over 40 years,the Murabito Giuseppe srl group is producing the most types of table grapes,out of which is:Uva Italia,Red Globe,Victoria.In the last 20 years,the son,Vito Murabito,develops his own market and comercializes all kinds of fruits and vegetables.They have always been sold table grapes,but the new generation has developed the production of grapes and apricots also in the province of Ragusa.Today it is available to purchase in the main Italian markets,but also in the European and International ones.

You can find the business center in Mazzarrone,Sicily,a small town in the province of Catania,near at the Iblei mountains.Thanks to its particular climatic conditions,this area has distinct itself for the production of grapes for international markets and is known for its wine growing area.Thi is why the products are recognized and certified with the new IGP brand.

The Murabito Giuseppe group is divided into: 10.000mq in Acireale,of which 3600 covered and 18.000mq in Mazzarrone of which 2600mq covered.It occupies a total area of about 120ha,between green valleys and grassy hills.

It owns a sophisticated laboratory of analysis through which it elaborates and refines the most advanced cultivation techniques,creating an ideal synchrony between production techniques and seasonality,between cultivation methods and chemical composition of the earth,between people's need and the delicate balances of nature. Murabito's warehouses are equipped with modern refrigerated systems for temperature control.This allows the product to get fresh on consumers's table. In full compliance with regulatory standards,the Murabito Giuseppe group, guarantees its customers GLOBAL G.A.P (EUREP GAP), certified products,so the consumer can trust the company and the quality of its products.


The constant work has been successful and has satisfied clients all over the world.In over 40 years it has accumulated experience,developing logistics efficiency in shipping,respecting the time distribution,regular for all destination.We export worldwide,90% we are on the French,German,Swiss,Belgian and Polish markets.Today it is available to purchase also on the Arab or southern Asia markets,the export being made with containers.