Black grapes with seeds, big bunch, cone – shaped, winged, semi - produced in greenhouse, medium weight 600 – 800 g. Grape is very big, medium weight 6 – 7 g. Semi – crunchy and neutral taste pulp, pruinose and quite well thick peel, black purple colour. Excellent welcome in a lot of markets. Flavoured fruit and, even if not very popular is very much appreciated.

1 or 2 grape seeds in general for each grape. Well adapted to expanded breedings. Grapes quality is good, proof to various manipulations and transports, moreover, to long preservations in the fridge.

Cultivated above all in Mazzarrone and in Comiso plains where climate and territory create particularly esteemed and good grapes. Production from September to November, about 21 kg for each plant and ripens in October. Grape harvesting goes on from September to the end of November.